About Us

We, at Input Systems, strive to develop software solutions that will help any type of business. We have available a varity of solutions that range from POSs and Transport Booking Systems, to mobile applications and online solutions.

We have been developing tailor-made software since 1992 for local companies such as

Comtec, Luna Holiday Complex, Peppin, Cabs+, Drifter, Busybee and many more.


Our POS solution can be used for those vendors that sell by barcode, for restraurants as well as vendors that sell items that do not have a barcode printed on them.

It has an integrated stock management module, local purchasing module and costings module. This solution can be multi outlet as well as multi user, enabling simulteneous usage.

Transport Booking System

This Transport Booking System includes long term taxi reservations, walk-ins as well as recurring taxi reservations. It is very user friendly it can be itegrated with the below accounts package easily or a third party accounting package if neccessary.

Accounting Package

Our Accounting Package incorporates the essential Ledgers and postings into one holistic solution. The system is very user friendly and can be integrated with other thurd party software if needed.

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